Culinary Platformer ‘Chefy-Chef’ Coming to Mobile Next Week, Pre-Order Available Now

If your name is Chefy, it’s pretty much a given that you should be a chef. Such is the case with Chefy-Chef, a game from Bug Studio about a chef named Chefy who must travel to all sorts of exotic locations using a magical refrigerator in an effort to collect the ingredients to all his favorite dishes. Yeah that’s right, a magical refrigerator. Being that you’re a chef you’ll use your culinary skills to help you traverse the dangerous terrain you’ll come across by utilizing your everyday kitchen items. Use a chef’s knife to wall climb, teleport with a frying pan, high jump by slamming down your meat tenderizing hammer, and more. Chefy-Chef launched on console and PC platforms last month, and thanks to Crescent Moon Games it’ll be making its way to iOS devices next week. Here’s a trailer.

Chefy-Chef has seen a positive response following its release on other platforms last month, and it seems like the type of game that will be a perfect fit on mobile too. It features 60 levels spread across 3 different worlds and its structure is described as “mini-metroidvania" style. There are also hidden burgers in every level that you can collect to unlock new outfits for Chefy. Who doesn’t love playing virtual dress-up? Chefy-Chef is available for pre-order on the App Store right now, and it’s a free initial download with a one-time IAP of $2.99 to unlock the full game. Look for the iOS version a week from today on July 6th.

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