‘Yet Another Zombie Defense HD’ Coming to iOS June 23rd from ‘Fury Unleashed’ Developer, Available for Pre-Order Now

Awesome Games Studio might be most well known for their roguelike run ‘n gun shooter Fury Unleashed, which they brought over to mobile back in March and was our pick for Game of the Week then. However, they have another pretty big hit under their belt called Yet Another Zombie Defense, which originally launched nearly a decade ago but was revamped into a shiny new HD version appropriately titled Yet Another Zombie Defense HD and released on PC in 2017. In the years since it has trickled its way down to all the console platforms, and now it’s trickling its way to mobile as well. Check out the trailer for the upcoming mobile version of Yet Another Zombie Defense HD.

As you would expect in a game like this, there is a plethora of cool weapons and defenses to equip your outpost with, and you’ll spend the daytime setting up your base before fending off hordes of the undead during the night. With each passing day the nightly attack gets more ferocious, sometimes with dozens and dozens of zombies swarming your spot. All of that chaos is great and all, but also pretty par for the course with a zombie defense game like this, as evidenced by its slightly self deprecating title. What people really seem to love about Yet Another Zombie Defense HD though is the up to 4-player co-op, and that’s a feature that will be included in this iOS port. If all of this sounds to your liking, you can pre-order the game on the App Store right now for $2.99 ahead of its launch on June 23rd.

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