‘PUBG Mobile’ Version 2.0 With the Evangelion Collaboration, Huge Overhaul to Livik, and More Is Rolling Out Now

The major PUBG Mobile (Free) version 2.0 update is finally rolling out worldwide on iOS and Android. This update brings in support for another big collaboration, a new map overhaul, Royale Pass Month, security improvements, and a lot more. Beginning May 14th, the PUBG Mobile Evangelion collaboration will begin bringing in content from the anime like Angels and a special event. The Livik map sees a huge overhaul today changing urban areas, a new vehicle, and more. With this new map overhaul, a golden resource-rich area will spawn in a random urban area of the map giving players a lot more supplies and including some mini-games. May 19th sees the new Royale Pass Month season begin in the form of Cycle 2 Season 6 with themed parachutes, glasses, masks, and more with tier system changes. Watch the full patch notes showcase video for PUBG Mobile below:

If you haven’t played PUBG Mobile in a while or have switched over to playing New State Mobile, now is a great time to check back in with a massive update. I’m interested to see how PUBG Mobile evolves this year following today’s big update. It might not be live for you right now, but has been rolling out worldwide over the last few hours. The download size is 785MB on Android and 1.93GB on iOS. It should be available to all before May 13th. You can grab PUBG Mobile for free on the App Store for iOS here and Google Play for Android here. Full patch notes for PUBG Mobile version 2.0 update including the various fixes are here. Do you still play PUBG Mobile regularly and did you try out PUBG: New State yet on iOS and Android?

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