Our Long National Nightmare is Over: ‘Sokobond’ is Finally Available on Mobile

Draknek & Friends are responsible for some of the finest games around, like A Good Snowman is Hard to Build, Cosmic Express, A Monster’s Expedition, and more. One of their earlier games is an absolutely brilliant logic puzzler blended with elements of chemistry called Sokobond. If you’re thinking that the name makes it sound like a block-sliding puzzler like Sokobon mixed with a chemical bonding mechanic, you are correct, and that makes it a very clever AND informative title. Originally conceived as a “quick" game jam project, Sokobond took more than a year and a half to finish up and release on PC in 2013, and it also made its way to the Nintendo Switch in the fall of last year. But given its very nature, it always seemed like the type of game that would work perfectly on mobile devices, and indeed Draknek & Friends had planned on bringing it to since nearly the very beginning… an entire decade ago. No, really, this trailer even documents those best laid plans.

Well, guess what? You probably don’t need to guess as it’s evident from the title of this article and the entire crux of the above trailer, but Sokobond is now finally, FINALLY available on both iOS and Android. Draknek noted on Twitter that this mobile port was assisted by Michael Lee, who mobile gamers might already be familiar with by way of games like Outdodge, Too Close, or Fly Catbug Fly! So if you fancy yourself a fan of elegant logic puzzlers with just a hint of science-y stuff, you likely won’t be dissapointed with the more than 100 levels of brain scratchers in Sokobond. It’s available on both iOS and Android for five bucks with no IAP and no BS, just heaps of puzzle-y goodness. If you feel the need to share how good the puzzle-y goodness is, head on over to our forums, and if you’re curious to see the actual gameplay in action, check out Sokobond’s original launch trailer below.

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