‘Mini Motorways’ Adds Night Mode Headlights, Two New Maps, and More on Apple Arcade and PC To Coincide With Switch Launch

Mini Motorways on Apple Arcade has been updated regularly since launch and it has been fantastic to get into the new content each time. The Mini Metro spin-off that has you planning complete road networks with elegant visuals has gotten another big update today to coincide with its Nintendo Switch launch. If you missed last night’s Indie World Showcase, Mini Motorways shadow dropped on Switch for $14.99. The Apple Arcade and Steam versions got a big update to coincide with it adding new maps and features. The highlights barring the two new maps include headlights support for night node and cross save from Steam to Switch. This sadly is seemingly not available on Apple Arcade. I couldn’t find it in the updated game on my iPhone or iPad, and the description on Steam implies that you can’t go from Switch back to Steam. The two new maps are Warsaw and Chiang Mai. Watch the Mini Motorways Switch trailer below:

For the Warsaw map in Mini Motorways, you navigate across the Vistula River while Chiang Mai has you navigating the old city moat. The update also has some performance improvements for the menu. I am disappointed that there is no syncing between Apple Arcade and Switch or Steam. Hopefully that can be added in the future. You can grab Mini Motorways on Apple Arcade here, Steam here, and Nintendo Switch here. Head over to our forum thread for Mini Motorways here for more discussion around it. For all other Apple Arcade related things, check out our dedicated Apple Arcade forum for discussion on the service and every game included here. What do you think of the game compared to Mini Metro?

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