‘Grammarian Ltd’ Hopes to Be a Fun Way to Help You Learn Better Grammar, Coming April 19th from the Makers of ‘Startup Panic’

At some point in video game history, the portmanteau “edutainment" was coined. It’s educational entertainment! Except, how entertaining are those educational games really? I mean sure, Oregon Trail. That game is fun as heck and we all at least learned about Dysentery. But by and large edutainment titles aren’t something most folks are going to actively choose to play outside of someplace like school. Well developer Algorocks, creators of the charming business sim Startup Panic that released on mobile in late 2020, hopes to change that perception with their new game Grammarian Ltd.

As the name implies, this game hopes to help you learn proper grammar. To set the stage, the year is 2099, and in some sort of dystopian twist that I hadn’t even considered, using improper grammar is now illegal. You play as a recent graduate who majored in theoretical mathematics, with grammar as your fiftieth minor study. In other words you don’t really give two hoots about grammar and aren’t especially learned in the field. However, due to a strange mixup, you are appointed as a grammar validator at the biggest grammar validation agency in town.

In Grammarian Ltd you’ll try to work your way up from “Junior Passable Intern" all the way to “Editor Extraordinaire" by inspecting more than 1000 documents across more than 80 grammar focuses. On your grammatical journey you’ll also earn an income which you can put towards customizing and upgrading your living quarters. There are also online global rankings against other players and something described as “grammar duels" which sounds like some sort of PvP element. Like a freestyle rap battle but for grammar analyzation, perhaps. Whatever the case Grammarian Ltd seems like a particularly fun educational game. It’s set to launch next week on April 20th and you can pre-order the iOS version on the App Store or Wishlist the PC version on Steam where a demo is also available, and an Android version is planned as well.

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