The Angry Birds Team Up with Feisty Sailor Popeye to Bring Awareness to Ocean Pollution

I’m all for crazy crossovers. Like, remember that time the Toyota Corolla was a power-up in Tetris Blitz? That was wild. Well, where that was just a gross product placement situation, this latest crossover is actually for a great cause even if the two things that are crossing over are equally as absurd as Tetris and a Toyota. The world’s favorite mumbling sailor Popeye has teamed up with the world’s favorite irate avians the Angry Birds for a special week-long tournament in Angry Birds Friends. There is a third party in this crossover too, the SeaCleaners, which is an organization that’s dedicated to ridding the oceans of pollution.

How on earth do all of these things come together? Well, according to a blog post by Rovio, 17 tons of waste are dumped into the ocean every minute. That is… appalling, to say the least, and it should make you angry. Angry like an Angry Bird. And who is an iconic defender of the oceans in a general sense? Popeye, of course. It will take both strength and anger to do something about ocean pollution, so Popeye plus the Angry Birds are a perfect match. During the tournament players will receive messages that explain some of the ocean waste that is taking place and how we can fight back against it, and they’ll also learn about The SeaCleaners awesome plastic-swallowing ship The Manta.

While this is a very noble partnership to bring awareness to a huge ecological problem, I’m also just a big fan of the entire nautical theme going on with these special tournament levels. Levels that are shaped like ships are my jam. I’m also feeling the Pig Bluto and the fact that you can crack open a can of spinach to power up Popeye. Classic! If you want to get in on this wacky crossover action for yourself, all you need to do is fire up Angry Birds Friends as the tournament starts today and runs for the next week through February 6th. And seriously, check out that Manta from SeaCleaners, that thing is awesome.

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