Multiple deaths & injuries after train derails (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

A passenger train has derailed in India, and several carriages have overturned

An express train has crashed in eastern India, with multiple cars coming off the tracks and overturning. At least five people were killed in the incident and more than 50 were hospitalized.

The accident occurred in India’s West Bengal state on Thursday, when the Bikaner-Guwahati Express train derailed outside the town of Domohani. Footage from the scene shows multiple carriages left the tracks, with several having overturned.

One of the train’s cars crashed into and was forced up and over another carriage, with both appearing to have been heavily damaged. Some passengers were thrown from the train in the impact.

At least five people were killed in the accident, according to official figures, and more than 50 sustained injuries requiring hospitalization. The rescue operation continued into the evening, and the final tally of dead and injured could rise.

It’s not clear exactly what caused the crash, with no official information on the possible reasons behind the accident being immediately available. Survivors told local media outlets the derailment had been preceded by a loud sound.

“A heavy jerk followed a loud sound. I fell from my berth and everything went blank,” one said.

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