Kanye West plans to meet Putin – reports

The artist currently known as Ye also reportedly seeks business opportunities in Russia

According to reports, Ye will soon journey to Russia to put on shows, meet with Vladimir Putin, and pursue business deals with Russian moguls. A logical next step for the artist who once called himself “Young Putin.”

Ye will travel to Moscow later this year to put on his first shows in Russia and pursue business deals with property tycoon Aras Agalarov and his musician son Emin, according to a Billboard report released on Tuesday. The outlet cites Ye’s advisor, Ameer Sudan, saying the rapper will help Emin boost his international reputation as a singer too, and expects whatever undisclosed deals he strikes with the Agalarovs to add billions of dollars to his already formidable wealth.

Ye “will be spending a lot of time out there,” Sudan told Billboard, adding that the rap star will make “a second home” of Russia.

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Rapper Ye, formerly known as Kanye West. © Getty Images / Brandon Magnus; Vladimir Putin as a young man. © Global Look Press
Ye declares himself ‘Young Putin’

The Agalarovs are already well used to courting foreign investment, having arranged with Donald Trump to bring the 2013 Miss Universe pageant to Moscow, and later reportedly discussing a project to develop a Trump Tower property in the Russian capital, which was later abandoned.

However, Ye also intends to meet with Russia’s number one power broker: President Vladimir Putin. According to Billboard’s report, Ye has asked Putin to attend one of his ‘Sunday Service’ shows in Moscow. Although Putin is no fan of rap music, Billboard noted that the rapper and the president could find common ground in their shared Christian faith.

Faith aside, Ye could be banking on flattery to land himself an audience with Putin. In an interview in November, he compared himself to a “young Putin,” claiming that he exports culture like Russia exports oil. 

“I used to say I was Young Vladimir until I realized I was Vladimir,” he announced in his typically disjointed fashion. “You know the moment when I realized it was? When I realized culture is an oil, culture is an energy. And I’m the king of culture, for the past 20, and the next 2,000 years.”

Whether or not Ye gets the meeting he wants, the trip is slated for some time this spring or summer, depending on the rapper’s schedule. The journey might attract the attention of ‘Russiagate’ reporters in the US, especially considering Ye was described in 2018 as a “witting asset of Russian intelligence” by “strategic intelligence analyst” Eric Garland, based entirely on the fact that he met with a Russian fashion designer in Moscow and then with Donald Trump. Garland’s claims were never substantiated.

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