‘Torchlight: Infinite’ is Taking Sign-Ups for an Upcoming Closed Beta Test

The endeavor of bringing popular action RPG series Torchlight to mobile has spanned more than half a decade, with a mobile version of the game seemingly constantly being in various stages of development or soft launch over the years but a true official release never coming to fruition. Then last year developer XD Inc. partnered up with Torchlight’s parent company Perfect World to strike a deal to develop a brand new mobile entry in the series called Torchlight: Infinite. Similar to the previous Torchlight mobile efforts, Torchlight: Infinite will feature the series’ focus on loot and open-ended character upgrading coupled with hack ‘n slash gameplay taking place across randomly generated levels. IGN has a lengthy and fun cinematic trailer for the game to introduce the story and characters, which takes place about 200 years after Torchlight 2.

The news coming out today is that Torchlight: Infinite is getting ready to kick off some closed beta testing, and they’re giving fans the ability to sign up and potentially be part of the testing pool. Over on the game’s official website you can sign up to be part of the beta using your Google account, and that’s also where you can find loads of additional information on the game and its lore. Torchlight: Infinite is also set up on TapTap.io and there you’ll find exclusive dev blog entries and the ability to pre-register for both iOS and Android. No specific release window has been announced yet but the fact that beta testing is kicking off is a good sign, so be sure to sign up to test and we’ll keep an eye out for any more details regarding the full launch of Torchlight: Infinite.

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