‘Heck Deck’, the Unlikely Mashup of Card Game and Bullet Hell Shooter, is Launching on Mobile and PC in January

Last month we introduced you to Heck Deck, a crazy mashup game from developer Torcado and publisher Plug In Digital. I say crazy mashup because the idea behind Heck Deck is to combine a card game with a bullet hell shooter. There aren’t too many gaming genres that feel like they’d blend about as well as oil and water, but those two certainly fit that bill. That makes it all the more impressive that Torcado seems to have found a way to make a turn-based bullet hell shooter card game that actually works. Check out the trailer for Heck Deck if you missed it before.

Heck Deck originally started out as a game jam entry where the theme of the game jam was to combine two incompatible genres, and so with that in mind this sort of unholy creation makes a lot more sense. When we first wrote about Heck Deck last month it was to announce that the Steam version of the game would be getting a limited demo as part of the Steam Next Festival, but today Torcado and PID Games have revealed that the game finally has a release date. Originally planned for before the end of the year, it’s actually missing that mark but just ever so slightly and will arrive on iOS, Android, and PC in January.

Heck Deck is available for pre-order on both the iOS App Store and Google Play Store, and if the expected dates are to be believed we should be playing it sometime around January 11th.

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