Best Black Friday 2021 iPhone and iPad Game Deals: Here Are Some Notable Discounts On The App Store

Just like last year, many retailers have been discounting and price matching games and hardware well before Black Friday. The App Store has some great deals on iOS games that are available right now and more that will likely start showing up in the next few days. As usual, many people will likely get new iOS devices in the coming days or just want to buy games at a discount and this list will cover some of the great deals. For all the excellent deals for Switch games on the eShop, check out Shaun’s big feature here. This iOS games list is obviously not everything discounted but these are some games you should look into if you’re after something new for your iOS devices.

Here are our recommendations for games discounted right now in alphabetical order:

With so many games discounted across various genres, make sure you stock up on some iTunes credit if needed. A lot of these games will see discounts again as is the case with almost everything on the App Store. Seen a deal we haven’t mentioned that you really like? Let us know in the comments. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone celebrating.

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