Out Now: ‘NFL Clash’, ‘VITRIOL’, ‘Disney Wonderful Worlds’, ‘Orbeat’, ‘Am I the Baddie?’, ‘Yerba Mate Tycoon’, ‘Soccer Manager 2022’, ‘Dream Park Story’, ‘Sky Warriors’ and More

Each and every day new mobile games are hitting the App Store, and so each week we put together a big old list of all the best new releases of the past seven days. Back in the day the App Store would showcase the same games for a week, and then refresh those features each Thursday. Because of that developers got into the habit of releasing their games throughout Wednesday or very early Thursday in order to hopefully get one of those coveted features spots. Nowadays the App Store refreshes constantly, so the need for everyone to release all on the same day has diminished. Still, we’ve kept our weekly Wednesday night format as for years that’s the time people knew to check TouchArcade for the list of new games. And so without further ado please check out the full list of this week’s new games below, and let us know in the comments section which games you’ll be picking up!


am i the baddie? (Free)

iTunes Description

am i the baddie? is a fun, fast, online multiplayer game. It’s best with 3-5 players.

It’s been described as a cross between Pac-Man and Among Us. It’s deliberately family-friendly, suitable for all ages, and fun for everybody from kids to grown-ups.

Forum Thread: am i the baddie? (by Distant Pixel)

Beholder’s Lair ($0.99)

iTunes Description

Beholder’s Lair is a precision platformer that revolves around skillfully dodging enemies

Beholder’s Lair is a difficult 2D precision platformer that revolves around skillfully avoiding different kinds of enemies. Are you skilled enough to escape or will you share the fate of many others before you?

Forum Thread: Beholder’s Lair (by Caretta Games)

Castle Craft: World War (Free)

iTunes Description

In Castle Craft, the real-time PVP strategy game, it is your skills that decide the outcome of a battle. Form different types of armies by deploying Commanders and units to catch the opponent off guard.

Show your strategic skills. Counter your opponents by responding to their strategies with diverse and dynamic gameplay. Freely choose Commanders and units with different mechanisms to win.

You can level up your Commander and unit cards to make them stronger.

Forum Thread: Castle Craft : World War (by Rising Wings)

Caves Of Mars ($4.99)

iTunes Description

An action adventure space shooter game set in the mysterious caves of the planet Mars. Navigate your spacecraft through 100 procedurally generated caves.

The Caves Of Mars is the new 2D action space shooter game set in the mysterious caves of the planet Mars.

Forum Thread: Caves Of Mars (by Silkweb Games)

Circum Celeste (Free)

iTunes Description

A game for those who have always dreamed of controlling the orbit of a star locked in your gravitational embrace.

Guide a star and its binary counterpart across the cosmic void using your gravitational field.

Repel creeping black holes, shatter stellar entities and adeptly avoid the hazardous pulsars in this energetic cosmic odyssey.

Forum Thread: Circum Celeste (by Jack Walker)

Counter Knights (Free)

iTunes Description

◈◈ Well-made Realtime counterattack action RPG!! ◈◈

▶ Simple yet in-depth thrilling counterattack!
▶ Counterattack? Guard Break?, Life-stealing? Equip weapons tailored for your play style!
▶ Enriched environments with growth factors and collectibles!
▶ Elaborative storytelling and relics/weapons for its extensive universe!

Forum Thread: Counter Knights (by Youna Kho)

Disney Wonderful Worlds (Free)

iTunes Description

The sky’s the limit in this puzzle-meets-builder game! Swipe and match colorful gameboards to win prizes, and unlock iconic Disney attractions from around the globe to place in your park. Level up and create your unique park with exclusive decorations, landmarks and characters. Play events and watch your magical park come to life from morning to night with the Mid-Day Parade and Evening Fireworks Show!

Forum Thread: Disney Wonderful Worlds (by Ludia)

Dream Park Story ($7.99)

iTunes Description

Throw open the gates to a magical kingdom of fun and thrills!

Create and customize your own amusement park. From humble attractions like the teacup ride or trampolines, you’ll be able to build up to bigger and better things. You can even hire mascots and hold fantastic parades!

Forum Thread: Dream Park Story (by Kairosoft)

Go BIG! feat. Godzilla vs. Kong (Free)

iTunes Description

Join Team Godzilla & Team Kong in an all new action game where you can smash everything you see!


Take out the city and your opponents with different attacks & abilities. Every moment of the match is packed with action, power-ups and super sized destruction as you race to get the biggest scores possible.

Forum Thread: Go BIG! Feat. Godzilla vs Kong (by Sun Machine Entertainment)

Horror Brawl: Battle Royale (Free)

iTunes Description

Horror Brawl is a multiplayer online horror game, in which you’ll play a shooter against the characters of the Keplerians sagas in their iconic settings, fighting to be the first to escape through the Nazrat portal.

During these terrifying games, your objective will be to annihilate everyone. To do this, search the stage and equip yourself with the best weapons, how scary!
Open chests to find healing kits or even Chaos Crystals! Collect four crystals to be able to turn into Evil Nun or the rest of the villains like Ice Scream or Mr. Meat, and annihilate your rivals with their abilities.

Forum Thread: Horror Brawl: Battle Royale (by Keplerians)

Idle Farming Tycoon (Free)

iTunes Description

Build up a farm empire, transport a harvest & become a millionaire!

Have you are thought about building a farm empire and being a rich farmer billionaire? Become an idle billionaire manager in this new tycoon clicker simulator game. Earn idle money to become a rich millionaire tycoon!

Forum Thread: Idle Farming Tycoon (by Titan Arrow Games)

Me Is King (Free)

iTunes Description

Jump into Me is King, a farming simulation game set in a prehistoric island village! Lord over your tribes with decisions that YOU make! Reign supreme over your cavemen and make them do your bidding! Unlike other farming simulation games or decision based games, you call the shots AND choose how they do it! Manage your resources so your decisions will advance your civilization and turn the prehistoric cavemen into capable farmers, warriors and hunters!

Forum Thread: Me Is King (by PIXIO)

Moonfang ($4.99)

iTunes Description

Guiding three characters, run from the inquisition and flee the city. Beware! The moon will reveal the animalistic power of your heroes!

Moonfang is a solo puzzle game offering 20 levels of gameplay, separated in 5 theatrical acts. Controlling 3 characters, each witch a specific set of skills and attributs, find a way to the exit of each level. Each level offers a new challenge, and an optional hidden cat to save.

Forum Thread: Moonfang (by Lone Stone)

NFL Clash (Free)

iTunes Description

Collect your favorite NFL players to build your unbeatable football team. Challenge your opponents in quick 5-minute head-to-head matches. Compete against your friends to rise up in the leaderboards. Rush your way to victory and dominate the game with your very own NFL team!

Forum Thread: NFL Clash (by Nifty Games)

Orbeat: Pop Asteroids On Beat (Free)

iTunes Description

Looking for a new rhythm-based challenge? You just found it – but do you have what it takes? Let’s find out!

Get ready to pop asteroids on beat and match colors in time in this rhythm-based arcade game. It’s time to put your coordination and reaction speed to the test…

Forum Thread: ORBEAT: Pop Asteroids On Beat (by Arcade Avenue)

Real Coaster: Idle Game (Free)

iTunes Description

Build and run the world’s most exciting idle theme park and earn a fortune! Ride amazing 3D rollercoasters and many popular fun park simulations!

Develop your dream idle theme park with awesome roller coasters. Attract more visitors, collect income from rides and shops and invest in new assets. Build many different parks in stunning locations and grow your empire. Become the next theme park tycoon!

Forum Thread: Real Coaster: Idle Game (by Raventurn Games)

Red Shoes: Wood Bear World (Free)

iTunes Description

Red Shoes Has Returned As A Mobile Game! Hit, Run and Dodge!

Meet Red Shoes and Merlin with the Sevens in Mobile Game! Begin your journey to the Wood Bear World right now!

Watch out, the underlings of Queen Regina are out there! Defeat the enemies and move forward to the upper level! Build your character to get stronger to save the kingdom! Get some helps from the Sevens – They support you in many ways!

Forum Thread: Red Shoes: Wood Bear World (by NGELGAMES)

Sky Warriors (Free)

iTunes Description

Join the Sky Warriors today and become an ace pilot! Experience the thrill of realistic aerial battles and engaging enemies in adrenaline-packed 3D dogfights!

Real PvP Multiplayer! Enter a squadron and play online with your friends against real players around the world.

Modern and realistic fighter planes! Fly the best and most advanced war machines in the world, with jet-powered aircraft from several countries!

Forum Thread: Sky Warriors (by Wildlife Studios)

Soccer Manager 2022 (Free)

iTunes Description

Build your football team from over 25,000 official FIFPRO ™ licensed players and compete to be the ultimate football manager. Choose from over 900 clubs from 35 of the top footballing countries around the world and lead your favourite club to glory.

As the football manager, you control all aspects of your club. Football coach duties include planning training sessions, developing your club’s facilities, transfers, squad selection, assigning squad numbers and deciding team tactics.

Forum Thread: Soccer Manager 2022 (by Soccer Manager Ltd)

Star Hunters ($8.99)

iTunes Description

Immerse yourself in a unique game experience : Star Hunters is neither a board game nor a video game, it is both at the same time!

Get together with your friends or family, make yourself comfortable around the PRINTABLE GAME BOARD and go on a treasure hunt in an old, forgotten temple…

Forum Thread: Star Hunters (by Kaikai Games)

Tales of Argento (Free)

iTunes Description

Follow an engaging story, solve puzzles, cook delicious food, remove blocks, and finish monthly events for great rewards!

Forum Thread: Tales of Argento (by Felipe Ramirez)

Undead World: Hero Survival (Free)

iTunes Description

Get ready for adventure in the Undead World in this new survival RPG! Collect, equip, and upgrade your squad of heroes for battle against the roving hordes of zombies with fearsome abilities. New players start with 1,000 Diamonds!

Forum Thread: Undead World: Hero Survival (by Double Down Interactive)

VITRIOL ($4.99)

iTunes Description

VITRIOL is a storytelling word puzzle game where you journey into, and hopefully out of, a bureaucratic nightmare.

As the story unfolds, you can find hidden answers within the words and escape between the lines.

The choices you make hold up a mirror to your actions in the real world. Are you guilty of being yourself? It’s up to you to find out.

Forum Thread: VITRIOL (by Broken Rules)

Yerba Mate Tycoon (Free)

iTunes Description

Yerba Mate Tycoon is a unique management game. You will take care of a yerba mate production business: creating and customizing various yerba mates, unlocking new upgrades, and growing your company. Yerba mate is a coffee alternative in South American countries, and the national drink of Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay! 100% free, no Ads or IAP.

Forum Thread: Yerba Mate Tycoon (by DonislawDev)

2+2×2 (Free)

iTunes Description

What value the expression 2+2×2 is interpreted to have?

Solve basic mathematical operations to reach sums 40, 120, 280, and make your highest score!

Stop playing complex games without any help for you. Do train your brain with simple operations for 2. You need to be careful because wrong precedence might lead to completely different results.

Forum Thread: 2+2×2 (by Aleksei Bazankov)

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