Hack ‘N Slash Roguelike ‘Skeletal Avenger’ is Heading to Mobile and 10tons is Looking for Beta Testers

Back in May of last year, which somehow feels like a bajillion years ago, developer 10tons announced their latest title, a hack ‘n slash dungeon crawler called Skeletal Avenger. The premise is that you played as a skeleton who was done dirty during their lifetime by a specific individual, and so you manage to be resurrected deep within a tomb and must fight your way up a huge dungeon floor-by-floor in order to make it to the surface and seek out said individual to extract your revenge. Truly a skeletal avenger, just like it says on the box. Following that initial announcement in May, the plan was to release Skeletal Avenger on PC in Early Access later in the year, and just about a year removed from that early release the game officially launched on PC and consoles just a couple of weeks ago. Here is the launch trailer for that release to give you an idea of what’s in store with Skeletal Avenger.

Like one of my very favorite 10tons games Undead Horde, Skeletal Avenger has this really dark but still colorful art style that I love, and based on the fact that your character’s main ability is throwing his own head as a weapon this is definitely a game that doesn’t take itself too seriously. When it comes to perks, items, abilities, weapons, and all the other types of game mechanics you’d expect from a roguelike dungeon crawler, Skeletal Avenger takes itself very seriously. Anyway, as has been known since the original announcement last year, this one was destined for mobile following its launch on other platforms, and we’re finally at that point now with 10tons posting in our forums that they need some beta testers to kick the tires of the forthcoming mobile version. If you’re interested then head to that forum thread to find out how to sign up and hopefully it’s not too much longer until we’re playing Skeletal Avenger on our mobile devices.

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