Eco-mob Insulate Britain at it again, as they blockade major London streets after 10-day pause in protests (VIDEOS)

Insulate Britain has resumed its protest after a 10-day hiatus, with its environmental activists blockading major roads in London to demand that Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his government insulate the country’s homes.

A total of 61 members of Insulate Britain made their return on Monday by obstructing busy streets in the capital at Limehouse causeway, close to Canary Wharf, Liverpool Street and Southwark.

Footage uploaded on Twitter showed police attending to activists near Southwark Bridge, some of whom had glued their hands to the road. One law enforcement officer warned a demonstrator that he would “use force” to move her if she did not remove herself from the path.

Another video showed members of the movement sitting across a busy junction, bringing a halt to traffic, including several buses, as horns sounded and sirens flashed.

Other clips showed a driver attempting to get through the activists as one protester stood with his hands on the front of the car while members sat behind him with the group’s logo. Protesters were then dragged out of the way by civilians, only for them to shuffle back into their original places.

In a statement released on the same day confirming their return, one activist lashed out with accusations that the government “is actively following a path that will lead to the death of millions,” saying this is “genocide.”

He went on: “If you know this and are not joining nonviolent civil resistance then you are complicit. We can’t be bystanders. Short-term disruption or genocide – that’s your choice.”

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Police officers detain a man as Insulate Britain activists block a roundabout at a junction on the M25 motorway during a protest in Thurrock, Britain October 13, 2021. © Reuters / Henry Nicholls
Furious motorists forcibly remove Insulate Britain eco warriors after protests block roads once more (VIDEOS)

Insulate Britain announced earlier this month it would take 10 days off ahead of the United Nations COP26 global conference and urged Johnson to use the event to show that he is dedicated to “taking responsibility” for tackling climate issues.

The campaign to insulate Britain’s homes, deemed an integral part of reducing carbon emissions, continues despite court injunctions, under which activists risk imprisonment or unlimited fines for their protests on major roads.

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