Black Rock Shooter's New Anime to Air Next Spring!

Upcoming anime Black Rock Shooter: Dawn Fall will air next spring!

A visual of the titular character was released along with information on the anime's staff.

Tensho ( Rewrite, Azur Lane ) will direct at Bibury Animation Studios and Bibury Animation CG. Psycho-Pass writers Makoto Fukami and Ryo Yoshigami will pen the script.

Black Rock Shooter began with a series of illustrations by Ryohei Fuke, which inspired a hit song by Supercell’s Ryo in 2008 and expanded into manga, anime, games, and merchandise.

While each iteration takes place in a different universe, they all revolve around Black Rock Shooter, a young woman with dark hair and a flaming blue eye who carries a rapid-fire, high speed cannon.

Black Rock Shooter: Dawn Fall will air in spring 2022.

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