Adventure Puzzler ‘Rob Riches’ Gets a New Trailer and Release Date of November 16th

Last month we wrote about a new game coming from developer Megapop called Rob Riches, a love letter to classic puzzle adventure games. In Rob Riches you’ll play as the titular man himself as you explore a temple collecting every coin you can find in order to unlock the way forward. Your goal is to work your way through the entire temple, which nobody has managed to do before, to collect the ultimate treasure and then live to show it off to the world. This involves some classic isometric grid-based puzzle solving with numerous types of hazards and game mechanics to navigate through. Megapop has just put out a new trailer for Rob Riches showing a bunch more gameplay and explaining a bit of what the game is all about.

Rob Riches will feature more than 100 different levels spread across 3 different temples in Mayan, Viking, and Egyptian themes. There will also be fewest move goals for those who want to really flex their puzzling skills as well as hidden treasures to discover throughout the game. One other nice thing is that Rob Riches will be a completely premium experience, which feels like it’s getting more rare all the time in the world of mobile games. It’ll be launching on iOS, Android, and PC on November 16th and although pricing has yet to be revealed you can currently Wishlist the game on Steam to get a heads up when it releases.

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