‘Kingdom: The Blood’ is an Upcoming Action RPG Based on the Popular Netflix Series ‘Kingdom’

I am definitely not hip to all the cool shows on all the various streaming services. I admit that I spend most of my time zoning out to reruns of HGTV and Food Network shows I’ve already seen a million times. So when I received an email about developer Action Square making a new game based on the hit show Kingdom on Netflix, it was no surprise that it was a show I had never even heard of. I am out of the loop, in other words. However, after digging into it some more, I can totally see why Kingdom has become such a sensation.

It takes place in an alternate history version of the Korean Joseon Dynasty around 1600 AD, where a special herb has been created that can resurrect the dead and basically turn them into ferocious soldiers. They use this herb to create zombie soldiers that successfully fight off an invasion from Japan, but naturally the existence of this herb wreaks all sorts of havoc even after the battle. Crazy situations and political drama ensues. Kingdom: The Blood is the game based off of the series and today the first teaser has been released.

Not a whole lot is known about the game itself, other than it is being built in Unreal Engine 4, it is a third-person action RPG, and that it will aim to stay as true to the show as possible. We also know that it will be available on both PC and mobile. There is no word on if this will be a paid game or a free to play game, and right now there is not even a vague release window. However I’m sure there will be plenty more details announced as development on Kingdom: The Blood continues, and on the bright side this gives me plenty of time to sit down and catch up on the show before the game releases.

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