Puzzle Game ‘Dragon Quest Keshi Keshi’ Announced for iOS and Android at the Dragon Quest 35th Anniversary Special Event

A few hours ago, Square Enix hosted the Dragon Quest 35th Anniversary Special stream to celebrate all things Dragon Quest. There were six game announcements and one of them is a puzzler for iOS and Android in the form of Dragon Quest Keshi Keshi. Dragon Quest Keshi Keshi features classic Dragon Quest characters and monsters depicted as erasers. The first trailer for the game doesn’t really show much of the game itself but as usual, the art is very charming. Hopefully they release actual erasers with these designs in Japan as well leading up to the Dragon Quest Keshi Keshi release. Watch the Dragon Quest Keshi Keshi reveal trailer below:

Under the usual circumstances, I’d be speculating about a potential Western release for Dragon Quest Keshi Keshi because as with most things Dragon Quest, the West usually has to wait a long time to get a few scraps here and there. Thankfully, the situation has been changing with more localizations and today’s event confirms that Square Enix is taking the West seriously for Dragon Quest with Dragon Quest XII, a Dragon Quest III remake in the style of Octopath Traveler’s HD 2D aesthetic, and Dragon Quest Keshi Keshi all confirmed for worldwide releases. Beyond that, not much is known about Dragon Quest Keshi Keshi but it will release this year on iOS and Android worldwide. Have you played the recent free to play Dragon Quest mobile games?

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