Meat-eaters rebel after Greta Thunberg says world is ‘f***ed’ unless we adopt plant-based diet

Greta Thunberg has ratcheted up her alarmist climate change rhetoric, warning of impending doom unless everyone stops eating meat. But her latest sermon was unappetizing to many.

In a sleekly edited video, complete with punchy music, the Swedish activist argued that the Earth’s ecological suffering could be greatly alleviated if humans stopped raising livestock. According to Thunberg, our “relationship” with nature desperately needs to change in order to end the alleged climate crisis – which she claimed is fueled in part by meat-eating. 

“Because let’s face it, if we don’t change, we’re f***ed,” she declared. 

Thunberg made the case that eating meat is no longer sustainable because of the vast natural resources it requires, and that if industrial animal farming is allowed to continue, “we will run out of land and food.”

The solution is to move towards a “plant-based diet” as part of a global “system change,” she proposed. 

The 18-year-old eco-celebrity also linked factory farming to Covid-19 and other diseases, noting that many pathogens have been traced back to animals. “We are creating the perfect conditions for disease to spill over from one animal to another, and to us,” she said, adding that unless changes are made, the “next pandemic could be much, much worse.”

Unsurprisingly, the message resonated with her supporters on social media. 

One of her fans said the video was “the best 5 minutes of my life” and that it provided “inspiration and encouragement to BE the change.”

Another commenter begged Thunberg to “take over the world” so that she could implement her plant-based vision.

Others were far less enthusiastic, sharing memes that referenced her famous “how dare you” speech before the United Nations in September 2019. 

Several replies also expressed dismay at being lectured by a teenager – a common complaint among Thunberg’s critics. 

Meat-eaters also aired their displeasure with Thunberg’s latest proclamation, vowing to never change their diet despite the Swedish teen’s demands. 

Thunberg’s headline-grabbing activism regularly sparks heated debate. Last week, she turned heads after accusing China Daily of ‘fat-shaming’ her in an article that criticized her condemnation of China’s carbon emissions.

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